Palladium Can Now Be Hallmarked

News from The Assay Office on Palladium

Palladium Can Now Be Hallmarked

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Press Release
The Assay Office to hallmark Palladium Official

We are pleased to announce that The Assay Office has finally granted the metal Palladium
an official hallmark.

When will Palladium Hallmarks be available.
Palladium hallmarking was introduced on a voluntary basis from 22nd July 2009. The 4 UK hallmarking offices will be able to apply the new legally recognised Palladium Hallmark articles from this date.

From the 1st January 2010 the hallmarking of Palladium will become compulsory.

Over 5000 articles have been hallmarked in the first few week of the Palladium Hallmark being granted. This has mostly been Palladium wedding rings.

The Pictorial symbol for Palladium will be Pallas Atherne, the Greek Goddess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, and after whom Palladium was named. The mark had being designed
especially for use as part of the Palladium Hallmark, this is optional.

Consumer and trade demand for palladium has been on the increase, especially following the record prices of gold and platinum in first half of 2008. Palladium is one of the platinum-group metals. It is tarnish-resistant, white and durable, and due to its low density, designers can produce stunning pieces that are lighter and more affordable than platinum.
Michael Allchin, chief executive of The Birmingham Assay Office, said, “Palladium provides a new opportunity for the jewellery trade. Designs which may have been impossibly heavy or expensive in platinum can be very attractive and commercially viable in palladium. There are already some stunning palladium pieces on the market; the reassurance of a U.K. hallmark will give the consumer added protection and confidence when purchasing palladium jewellery, and we expect this to be a significant growth area for the jewellery industry.”
U.K. hallmarking has been in practice for more than 700 years. No piece of fine jewellery can be sold as silver, platinum or gold in the country unless it has been hallmarked. The mark has three compulsory symbols: the sponsors mark, identifying who submitted the piece, the town mark, indicating which Assay Office hallmarked it, and the fineness mark, which denotes its purity.

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